Agenda: European Power Distribution (T&D)  Sessions | 28th-30th November
European Power Strategy & Systems Summit | EPD Sessions
DSOs Transition to Real Time System Operation with Distributed Resources
  • Enabling the transition from passive to active networks and clients:
    Overcoming the challenges for the distribution grids
  • DSO evolution and contribution to the increasing complexity of the
    electricity system
  • Implementing Active Network Management solutions: approaches and
    current projects

Speaker: Raphael Rinaldi, Head of EU/Transnational subsidized programs,
Network Development, Global Infrastructures & Networks,

With more than 10 years experience in the electricity sector, Raphael Rinaldi is
currently involved in several European-scale Smart Grids projects and initiatives
in this field.
  • Data analysis on daily and weekly flexibility in a high RES system
  • Effects on flexible gas and coal power generation

Speaker: Dries Acke, Director, Energy Systems Programme, European
Climate Foundation

Dries works as Head of the Energy Union Programme at the European
Climate Foundation in Brussels. Dries carried forward the ECF’s flagship
Roadmap 2050 project and now heads ECF’s activities on EU energy policy
and the Energy Union.
Regional and European Integration of RES and Market Design
Speaker:  Paul Giesbertz, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Statkraft

As Vice President Regulatory Affairs Paul is responsible for regulatory affairs
in continental Europe with a focus on EU and German developments. Main
topics are market design, EU Network Codes, cross-border trade and
inter-connectors. Before that, he worked as deputy manager for the Dutch
energy regulatory office where he was responsible for wholesale power
market issues like market design, European market integration, impact of
market power and reliability of supply.
  • Pilots of Multi use concepts for batteries to improve efficiancy
  • The Urban Chance of the Energy System: PV/Battery and e-mob solutions
    for apartment buildings
  • Managing high local load peaks caused by e-mobility:  public and private
    parking decks and the “public street with 5 Teslas”: Load management,
    battery boasters, new transformation stations.
New System Services on Distribution Grid Level Using Batteries & Other
New Technonolgies Enabling Increasing Flexibility | Case Studies & Updates
Speaker: Dr. Alexander Conreder, Head of Business Development - Energy
  • How to organize the interaction between TSO and DSO in order to allow an
    efficient provision of ancillary services from distribution
  • How this can be framed into the EU regulatory framework
  • The kind of market architecture that will best fit
  • Guaranteeing efficient monitoring and control through of the grid through
    specific ICT architectures
How to Deploy Smart Grid Applications to Combat Power Outages and Cut
Network Losses
Speaker:  Mark Ossel, Member of the Board, OSGP Alliance
"The event gives a great
overview of the challenges
being faced by the utilities
industry today together
with a snapshot of the
technical solutions
currently available and
under development."
Kenneth Engblom
Marketing Director, Wärtsilä

"An exceptional summit.
Very good speakers that
completely satisfied what I
wanted to hear about.
Excellent job by the EPG
management team."
Dr. George Papaioannou,
ADMIE S.A (Greek T.S.O)

"Extremely informative and
insightful regarding the
most recent power market
developments and
preparing for the
challenges ahead - All
excellent speakers and
presentations, thank you!"
Dragana Popovic,
Production Planning

"Attending Power Europe I
get important additional
insights regarding the
future developments
occurring in the European
Energy Market."
Sabrina van de Kerk,
Structured Finance - Power &
. ING Bank NV

"Extremely useful to be
informed of the current
situation in European
energy markets, the return
on capital investments,
electricity pricing structure
and market design."
Alexey Gruber, Head of
Financial Planning,
NP Market Council

"Great presentations,
excellent programme,
interesting attendees and
perfect organisation - a
networking MUST! "
Andreas Frömmel, VP -
Commercial & Business
Energy Solutions

" An excellent conference,
very informative and
extremely well organised. "
Dr. William Kyte
Former Senior Advisor
End-of-Day Private Round Table Discussions   |  17:30 - 18:30
Discussion 2 |   Power Utility Transformation & Digistisation
Discussion 3 |   Trading Developments, Systems, Markets & Volumes
Discussion 4 |   T&D System Requirements for Managing 40-60% RES
Discussion 5 |   EV Infractructure Development & Power System Integration
Discussion 6 |   Blockchain Utilisation Within Distributed Power Systems
Discussion 7 |   Security System Design Within Smart Grid Architecture
Discussion 9 |   EU Regulatory Developments & Risk Management
Discussion 1 |   CEO/MD & Power Europe Executive Advisory Panel
Discussion 10 |   Demand Response Systems for Power Generators
Discussion 8 |   Storage Systems & Distribution & Retail Market Applications
Discussion 11 |   Middle East & Africa Power System Design & Development
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Wednesday 28th November  | Pre-Conference Forums  | 13:15 - 18:00
Global Case Studies | New Methods and Technologies Enabling Increasing
RES Contribution to Major Regional Power Systems and Networks
Speaker: Dr. Santiago Galbete, Grid Generation Department Leader, Acciona

During the last 12 years Santiago Galbete has shared his time between
construction of Wind farms (South Korea, Australia, India, Germany, USA,
Canada) at Acciona Energy and academic activities. As Spanish Electric System
is strongly supported by Renewables sources (50% of the Power installed is
renewable), Santiago Galbete went further and developed his Phd Study under
the title: Viability of a 100% Renewable electric supply for Spain.
New Approaches and Innovation to Manage Power DSO & TSO Transition
Challenges | Impacts of Smart Technologies and Distributed Generation
  • Review of 2017/2018 critical grid situations
  • Utilising blockchain technology as a potential congestion management tool
  • Examining spot pricing for European retails markets
  • Future assignment of roles and responsibilities on distributed power systems
  • Tipping point for RES and PV - implications for generators and the power market value chain
Open Keynote Discussion Led by the Power Europe Executive Advisory Board:
Balancing the Europe's National, Regional and EU-Wide Power System
Throughout the Entire Value Chain | From Power Generators, Distributed
Resources, TSOs, DSOs and Prosumers
  • Utilising new elements, methods & technologies to balance the electricity
  • Using EVs as a balancing mechanism: Case study – the Netherlands
  • Potential role of blockchain technology as a congestion management tool

Speaker: Jan Vorrink, Manager National Control Center, TenneT TSO BV
Jan is the manager of the National Control Centre of TenneT TSO BV
which is the Dutch Transmission System Operator. Mr. Vorrink
graduated with a Master in Business Administration and is an Engineer.
The activities of his department include the operational Planning processes, Real time processes
and the settlement processes.
Speaker: Denis O’ Leary, Head of Energy Technologies, ESB INNOVATION

Denis O'Leary, Head of Smart Energy Technologies, ESB Denis O Leary
graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from University College Cork
in 1980 and joined ESB later that year. He has held a number of senior roles in
the Company since then, including Head of Network Operations and Head of
Asset Management and Regulation. He has now taken up the role as Head of
Smart Energy Technologies, ESB Innovation, with responsibility for Smart Energy
Technologies and Smart Grid Developments. Denis is also a member of
Eurelectric Smart Grid's Committee, and has spoken previously at a member of
EPRI 's Smart Grid Council in the US
Enabling Further Efficiency and System Stability Gains for SMART Grids and
National and Regional Power Systems | Case Study: ESB Ireland
How UK Power Networks is Meeting the Long-Term Challenges of a Low
Carbon Economy | New Technologies & Distribution System Transformation
  • Adapting business strategy with the transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Overcoming the challenges given the changes in the  distribution of electricity
  • The impact and growth of renewables and implementation of new technologies
  • Empowering customers with 'smart' innovation, digital services

                                              Speaker: Basil Scarsella, CEO, UK Power Networks
Participation of Distributed Generation & Small Customers to Ancillary
Services | TSO-DSO Data Exchange | Blockchain & Interaction Schemes
  • Schemes of interaction (extended centralised, local, etc.)and how to
    manage economic-technical priorities between the two levels improved TSO-
    DSO data exchange.
  • Power system in the 2030 RES-based scenario: new flexibility services,
    from energy to capacity? “synthetic inertia” from renewable resources?
  • Blockchain (distributed ledger technologies) permissioned-based system &
    “smart contracts” (are intermediaries close to their end?)
  • Schemes of interaction (extended centralised, local, etc.)and how to
    manage economic-technical priorities between the two levels improved TSO-
    DSO data exchange.
Speaker: Diana Moneta, Senior Researcher, RSE | RICERCA SUL SISTEMA
Practical Approach to TSO Implementation Codes: Assessment & Predictions
Speaker: Sebastian Ziegler, Market and Process Development Energy
50Hertz Transmission GMBH

Sebastian has been working in the energy sector for more than 10 years. During
the last 5 years he has actively participated in the development of the balancing
markets for 50Hertz. As vice-convener of the working group Ancillary Services of
ENTSO-E as well as member of the drafting team of the Network Code on
Electricity Balancing he is also involved in the European market
development. Next to balancing Sebastian is also involved in
international congestion management initiatives (e.g. TSC).
Enabling Clean Energy Solutions and Systems to Thrive Within
the EU Power Market | Commission Initiatives and Future Plans
Speaker: Gerassimos Thomas, Deputy Director General, Directorate General
, European Commission*

Gerassimos Thomas is Deputy Director General in the Directorate-General for
Energy at the European Commission. He is also Chairman of the Steering
Board of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) and member of
the EIB Board of Directors.
29th November
Main Conference
E-PD  | Power 2018
All Distribution &
Transmission Sessions
Limited to a maximum of 10 participants per discussion, the end-of-day private round table
discussion groups provide participants with an excellent networking opportunity. Participants
pre-register their seat to come together over a specific issue and speak openly and frankly on issues
and challenges with their peers and leading specialists offering a valuable opportunity for focussed
and extended exchange of knowledge, ideas and solutions. Light refreshments and canapes are
also served during the discussions
Overall Conference Session Timings  | Power Europe 2018
Friday 30th November | 2nd Main Conference day (EPD/ EPG) | 09:00 - 16:00
Thursday 29th November | 1st Main Conference (EPD/ EPG) | 09:00 - 18:30
28th November
New Power
Technologies &
Financing Forum
+ Extended DERMS
30th November
Main Conference
Agenda |
Day 2
MEA & India
Power Systems Forum
European Power Strategy & Systems Summit
& Power Project Financing and New Technologies Forum
28-30 November 2018 | Radisson Blu Amsterdam | Netherlands
Extended Distribution Workshops

How to Deploy Smart Grid Applications to Combat Power Outages and
Cut Network Losses

Equipment failure, degradation and small-scale outages cost utilities money - an estimated $150bn
every year in the US alone, according to research by the US Department of Energy. So how could a
suite of smart grid applications help improve grid reliability? Efficient and timely service-problem
identification gives a distribution system operator (DSO) the ability to predict and pre-empt outages
and poor service eliminating the need for the customer to call and report an outage. Proactive
maintenance, triggered by improved visibility of the network operation and performance, can lead to
avoidance of outages due to failed equipment. By installing intelligent, local applications, utilities
can also benefit from real-time, autonomous decision-making, where data can be shared across a
variety of devices and platforms in a smart grid.

Exemplifying the benefits of smart grid applications in a use-case scenario, this session will
demonstrate the potential advantages of using distributed intelligence and smart grid applications
1) Proactively understand where there is network under stress to prevent outages
2) Use analytics to identify the consumer base and potential impacts and implement a prioritisation
mechanism for repairs.
3) Recognise more effectively when outages do happen, identifying problems more quickly and
impacting less consumers.

Featuring specialists from OSGP Alliance as well as OSGP Alliance utility members will share their
knowledge and experiences on how:

  • Distributed control nodes identify and isolate issues, enabling rapid response.
  • Automated problem identification can be incorporated into the smart grid to reduce
    manpower and operational expenditure.
  • Distributed intelligence can work across different platforms and devices to save
    implementation costs.

Mark Ossel,
Member of the Board, OSGP Alliance
+ Representative Power Utility Representative Case Studies

Workshop 2 | Distributed Energy Resource Management
Dedicated Extended Workshop | 28th November 2018

Part 1 | Introduction to Distributed Energy Resources

Part 2 | Distributed Energy Resource Management

Part 3 | Developing DERMS and Supporting VPPs in Your Organization
Combining Smart Electrification and Demand Side Flexibility
Investing in Networks to Deliver a Smarter and more Robust Grid System
  • Overview of Scottish Power and SP Energy Networks power Portfolio
  • Supporting renewable energy connections
  • Preparing and planning for the anticipated increased uptake of electric
    vehicles in the years ahead
  • The RIIO-ED1 distribution investment programme, with £2 billion being
    delivered the RIIO-T1 transmission programme between 2013 & 2021.
  • Overview of Scottish Power renewables connections to the grid system
Speaker:  Frank Mitchell, CEO, SP Energy Networks | Scottish Power
Frank leads a business with responsibility for getting the electricity from power
generators to all 3.5 million customers in Central and South Scotland,
Merseyside and North Wales. Currently recruiting around 150 graduates and
apprentices every year and training them on Smart Grid technology as well as
the traditional role of working in major emergency storm events to reconnect
The Role of Energy Storage in the Smart Grid: A Utility Perspective
  • The benefits that energy storage can provide and issues to be addressed
  • Deploying a robust smart grid for the future to enable the integration of
    renewable and distributed energy resources
  • Supporting customer choices, improve grid stability and to improve
    power supply options
  • The use of innovative energy technologies and energy storage

Speaker:  Dr. Lawrence E. Jones, Vice President, International Programs,
Edison Electric Insitute (EEI)
Dr. Lawrence E. Jones is a thought leader and practitioner with over twenty-five
years of experience in the energy industry. Under his leadership, EEI’s
International Programs has more than 65-member companies with operations
in over 90 countries.
Digitalisation & Continuing Evolution of the Power Utility Business Model
  • Digitalization trends and what it means for energy
  • How main technology trends such as artificial intelligence will further
    affect utilities business
  • New business models ‘built on digital’
  • Who will be best positioned to capture those opportunities: Utilities,
    startups, and competitors from other sectors

Speaker:  Pavla Mandatova, Senior Smart Energy Consultant, TRACTEBEL -
Interflex Smart Grid Project: Advanced Management and Operation Strategies
for Distributed Energy Resources
This session will specifically focus on:
  • Overview of the H2020 funded project Interflex
  • Advanced management and operation strategies for distributed energy
  • Dealing with complex curtailment management
  • The integration of customer-owned flexibility in grid operation
  • Concepts for demand side management from a DSO perspective
Speakers: Thorsten Gross, Project Manager | Avacon AG - E.ON Group Interflex |
          Enora Paslier, Communications Officer, ENEDIS | Interflex
New Developments in Solar Power and its Application to European
Conventional and Distributed Power Systems
  • New solar technology and its capabilities
  • Solar technology's role in new distributed generation systems
  • Overcoming financing challenges for solar projects in Europe

Speaker:  Bruce Douglas, Chief Operating Officer and CEO, SolarPower Europe
Bruce Douglas has been working in renewable energy for 20 years and
is currently the Chief Operating Officer of SolarPower Europe, a
member-led association based in Brussels representing organizations
active along the whole solar value chain. Previously, he was Chief
Operating Officer at the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) for
10 years, founding Secretary General of the Global Wind Energy Council
(GWEC) and Managing Director of FLiDAR, an offshore wind startup
company, which he led to profitability and exit over four years.
Speaker: Conor Cooney, Technology Manager for Emerging Technologies
                                                                               ESB INNOVATION

Conor Cooney is the technology manager for emerging technologies in ESB
Innovation. In this role he manages ESB group interaction with various
emerging technologies. Conor joined ESB in 2008 and also has experience
in wind farm development and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. He
has a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Masters in
Sustainable Energy.
Enabling Further Efficiency and System Stability Gains for SMART Grids and
National and Regional Power Systems | Case Study: ESB Ireland