29th November
Main Conference
Agenda |
Day 2
Agenda: Friday 29th of November | All Sessions (EPD / EPG)
Main Conference Day 2 | European Power Strategy & Systems Summit
Exhibition opens at 08:15  | Conference sessions held from 09:00 - 16:30
Towards a Fossil-Free Energy System in 2050
  • How Europe Can Deliver on its Commitment to a Net-Zero Economy and
    Energy System by 2050
  • Implementing a Fully Zero Carbon  System Under Range of Potential
    System Configurations and Achieving System Flexibility and Security within
State Aid and Antitrust Enforcement Actions in the Energy Sector
Invited. speaker: Paolo Chiricozzi, Head of Competition and State Aid, ENEL*

Paolo is graduated in law and attended a Master in EU Laws, Politics and
Antitrust. He joined Enel in 2000 working in the Regulatory, Public Affairs,
Antitrust and EU Affairs Divisions. He has covered different roles in Enel Group
both in Rome and Brussels. He is since July 2014 Head of Competition and
State Aid. Paolo has managed the main competition cases of Enel Group during
the last 15 years (Mergers, Joint Ventures, State Aid and Antitrust Cases) and
has leaded antitrust compliance programs worldwide for Enel Group (Italy,
Slovakia, Romania, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Russia).
How Next Generation 'Geographical Information Systems' (GIS) are
Minimising the Cybersecurity Risk and Delivering Safe and Secure
Third-Party Access for the Utilities Companies
Speaker: Madis Männik, Head of Network Systems Management, Elektrilevi

Elektrilevi supplies electricity to almost all households and companies in
customers and maintains almost 61,000 kilometres of power lines and more
than 24,000 substations.
Participation of Distributed Generation & Small Customers to Ancillary
Services | TSO-DSO Data Exchange | Blockchain & Interaction Schemes
  • Schemes of interaction (extended centralised, local, etc.)and how to
    manage economic-technical priorities between the two levels improved TSO-
    DSO data exchange.
  • Power system in the 2030 RES-based scenario: new flexibility services,
    from energy to capacity? “synthetic inertia” from renewable resources?
  • Blockchain (distributed ledger technologies) permissioned-based system &
    “smart contracts” (are intermediaries close to their end?)
  • Considering energy transition and sector coupling more closely. What
    sector coupling actually means for electricity and gas markets.
  • Decarbonisation and sectoral coupling.- How natural gas can used as a
    transitional fuel before being replaced by green gas or hydrogen.
New Approaches and Innovation to Manage Power Transition Challenges
  • Review of 2017/2018 critical grid situations
  • Utilising blockchain technology as a potential congestion management tool
  • Examining spot pricing for European retails markets
  • Future assignment of roles and responsibilities on distributed power systems
  • Tipping point for RES and PV - implications for generators and the power market value chain

Open Keynote Discussion Led by the Power Europe Executive Advisory Board:
Customer Flexibility as a Key Factor for Sector Coupling & Decarbonisation
Review and Update: The Energy Efficiency Obligation (EEO) Schemes
Within the EU - Implications for the European Power Sector
Speaker: Dr. Holger Wiechmann, Senior Manager, Product Management B2C
Within his fields of expertise Dr. Holger Wiechmann was involved since the
beginning on the liberalization of EU energy markets. He is engaged in
fundamental questions of the energy markets, market design and the energy
transition with its increasing capacity for renewable energy and the necessity
of flexibility to integrate it into the system.
Rethinking the Approach to Power Utility Cyber-Security System Design and
Protocal | Case Study Examples of Security System Failures & Breaches
  • The new security needs of the new power operator
  • Keeping up with new threats - System life-cycle & upgrade
  • Frequent security problem areas and new approaches to manage them
  • Case study examples of threats and attacks
  • Adopting a collaborative approach to grid security

Speaker: Emil Gurevitch, Security Software Engineer, NES Corporation

Emil is an experienced information security expert passionaEmil Gurevitch is
an experienced information security expert passionate about building a smart
grid platform that meets tomorrow’s expectations of safe and resilient critical
infrastructure. He has deep technical knowledge in infiltrating mission-critical
systems and a strong background in conducting vulnerability research, exploit
development, and business oriented risk analyses.
Can P2P Trading be the Next Non-Platform for Energy Trading
  • What could blockchain technology do for peer-to-peer trading models
    that can serve energy markets in local power generation, storage and
    demand response
  • What are the regulatory implications and settlement processes based
    on the blockchain
Speaker: Christian Feisst, Chief Executive Officer, Greencom Networks
GreenCom Networks AG operates as an IoT platform that enables
disruptive digital business and leverages increasing share of distributed
energy assets. The Company offers solutions for peer-to-peer, district, and
green energy, as well as heating and cooling, solar PV, batteries, electric
cars, and heat pumps. GreenCom Networks serves customers in Germany.
Cost-Efficient Solar Charging Infrastructure
Speaker: Wolfgang Schmittner, CEO, GmbH
Middle East, Africa & India Power Systems Development Forum
United Arab Emirates | Development of National and Regional Green and
Brown Field Power Projects in the Gulf Region
Inv. Speaker: H.E Dr. Rashid Obaid Jumaa Al Leem, Chairman, Sharjah
Electricity and Water Authority

Dr. Rashid Obaid Jumaa Al Leem) is the chairman of Sharjah Electricity and
Water Authority (SEWA). The ruler of Sharjah chose him at the young age to the
project of building and economic zone in the emirate. He has also written several
books. T he Vice-President and Prime Minister of the U.A.E. and Ruler of Dubai
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, honoured him the title Ambassador
of Knowledge of the UAE.He has received several international honours and
awards in different fields. He also received an award of Middle East Business
Leaders Award 2012 by the President of Indonesia
IRAN | Fulfilling Power Requirements | New Projects & Systems Development
Speaker: Negar Nematollahi, International Business  Development
Monenco Iran*
Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers was founded in 1973 as a joint venture
between the private sector of Iran and Montreal Engineering Company of
Canada. Since 1997, the main shareholders have been Mapna Group and
AMEC. Monenco has established 10 regional branch/technical offices in Iran
and 3 international subsidiaries in Germany, Oman and Nigeria.
Telecommunication, Dispatching and Automation Division is one of the five
project-based divisions of Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers. It was
formed over 20 years ago to support other divisions within the power
NIGERIA | Power Systems and Renewable Energy Technology Deployment
REPUBLIC OF CONGO | Development of National and Regional Green and
Brown Field Power Projects
ZAMBIA | Major Power Sector Investment, Project and Technology Overview
  • USAID Power Africa Pillars
  • uropean Union Country Project Example
  • On-Grid and Off-Grid Mini-hydro and DER Projects
  • Regional Interconnector Projects
Overview | The African Cap and Floor Regime
Speakers & Invited Panellists:
Yusuf Hamisu Abubakar, Chairman, Northwest Power
Prof' EIi fidere Bala, Director General & CE0, Energy Commission of Nigeria*
Lemba Nyirenda,
President, Zambia National Electrotechnical Committee*
Eric Mbala Musanda,
President, NEC (Democratic Republic of Congo)*
Lebbi Changullah, Executive Secretary, East African Power Pool*
With ever-increasing delegates attending Power-Europe annually from non-European operators
Middle East Africa and India Power Systems Development Forum (taking place on the
afternoon of Friday the 29th of November (14:30 - 16:30) gives attending delegates the
opportunity to gain insights into developments, projects and technological adoption trends in
non-European / Western markets. The forum also gives the opportunity for European based
experts to become more familiar with the potential contribution their know-how could be applied to
emerging market challenges. The forum is available for all interested delegates to attend
For sponsorship, Exhibition or Marketing Partner Enquiries please write to
16:30 | Conference Sessions End & Chairmans Closing Remarks
Making Strategic Investments in Generation and Distribution Assets
  • CCGT, hydropower and biomass new builds projects under construction
  • Upgrades to distribution networks and new-builds to meet new electricity
    demand and connect of new clients in large cities, tourist and industrial
  • Thermal energy rehabilitation of the main parts of hot-water network in the
    cities of Zagreb, Osijek and Sisak.
  • Investment in renewable energy sources to meet sustainability goals and
    diversify the fuel mix for the generation portfolio
Speaker: Dr. Ivan Androcec, Section Head of Investment Strategy and New
The GmbH develops and coordinates the production and system
integration of modern hybrid power plants, consisting of wind turbines (WEA),
photovoltaic power plants (PV) and energy storage systems (ESS). For market
introduction, approval, construction and operation incl. Service and maintenance
of the complete system solutions, there are cooperations with the regional
project partners. New countries and regions are constantly being added as the
energy transition has become a global concern. provides the
appropriate systems for relieving decentralized power grids and direct supply to
industrial companies and municipalities.
The Invisibles - Harnessing Digital Twins in Energy Systems and Markets
  • Why what we can’t see matters the most
  • IoT and the behavior of everything
  • Invisible innovations and digital twins
  • Digitizing physical assets and the transformation from value chain to value
Speaker: Dr. Lawrence E. Jones, Vice President, International Programs, Edison
Electric Insitute (EEI)  |  
Prior to joining EEI, Dr. Jones was North America Vice
President for Utility Innovation & Infrastructure Resilience at Alstom Grid Inc.,
where he assisted utilities worldwide with formulating strategies for deploying
new technology innovated business solutions.
Indian Power Market Overview & the Role and Scale of R&D
  • Overview & current scenario of power distribution in India
  • Our experience of loss reduction
  • Emerging modern age technologies for rural power distribution
Inv. speaker:  Vijay Dhonde, CEO, FEDCO, India*
Vijay heads a team of highly talented and skilled consulting maestros with value
based consultancy aimed at organizational development and change management.
He holds intrinsic people skills and well known for his compelling commitment
to excellence. Being adroit in Operational excellence, has demonstrated
hands-on expertise in deploying end to end Lean transformation with noteworthy
gains in productivity and on-time delivery performances. Voltamp Transformer in
Oman, Vodafone (Pan India), BPCL, Blue Star, Janssen in India and Pfizer
Pharmaceuticals in Singapore to note few of them.
  • Overview of the methodologies being planned and used in Member States
  • Expected outcomes and their impacts
  • Implications for the power industry
Speaker: Anne-Katherina Weidenbach, Policy Officer,
           DG ENERGY,
European Commission
Anne Katherina is a lawyer and deputy head of section Gas Transmission Network
Deputy Co-Chair of ACER CAM TF, she is involved in the implementation of NC CAM
and in the development of the incremental process. Prior to joining BNetzA, she
worked for several years as an attorney-at-law with an international law firm in
Brussels where she practiced in competition and energy law.
Overview | Overview of Nigeria's Developing Power Market and Generation
and Distribution Infrastructure
Yusuf Hamisu Abubakar is a trained lawyer, an accomplished administrator and
businessman with vast exper-ience at senior executive level in the Private and
Public sectors. He was the Kaduna State Government as Commissioner for
Health and Social Development, Finance and Director General, Bureau for
Lands and Survey. At the Federal level, he was the pioneer Executive Secretary
of the Petroleum Technology Development Fund and was also a Commissioner
of the Nigerian Communication Commission
Speaker: Yusuf Hamisu Abubakar, Chairman, Northwest Power Ltd.,
Chairman,  Sahelian Energy & Integrated Services Ltd., Chairman, Niger
Insurance Co. Plc
Africa Case Studies
Digitalisation in Energy: What It Means and What It Can Achieve
Speaker: Stephen Woodhouse, Chief Digital Officer, Pöyry

Stephen Woodhouse leads Pöyry’s work on energy market design and other
disruptive influences to the energy sector.  He has twenty years’ experience in
energy, specialising in the design, analysis and evaluation of power and gas
markets in Europe and beyond.  Stephen contributes to the global debates on
appropriate models for trading flexibility.  
Stephen is embedded in the debate of disruptive business models
and the power of digitalisation to transform the energy industry.
Obervermuntwerk II and Kops II – Best Practice Examples to meet the Goal
of Flexibility
  • Energy Transition – requirements to generators and system security
  • Facing the challenges based on huge RES generation in future
  • Technical challenges to hydropower units
  • How Hydropower can help to meet the strategy of RES targets.
Electrification of Transport - Grid & Storage Technological Options
Speaker: Dr. Gerd Schauer, Senior Technology Manager, Innovation  &
Congestion Management & TSO/DSO Co-ordination
  • Achieving market-based procurement of flexibility
  • The effective utilisation of aggregators
  • Significance of correct market design
  • New insights in data management

Paul de Wit,
Senior Advisor Regulatory Affairs, Alliander
Paul de Wit, is the senior advisor for Regulatory Affairs at Alliander and is heavily
involved with EG1, Eurelectric and the new Alliander DSO entity.
Energy Value Chain Digitalisation | Empowering Consumers in the Energy
Speaker: Chief Innovation Officer, GE Power Digital Energy

Maher is Chief Officer Global Power Digital Solutions at General Electric. He is
Leading the Digital Transformation at Power & Utilities across the globe
transforming GE from being an Industrial Provider to a Digital Industrial Leader
of Solutions to the Energy market. Before joining GE, Maher was General
Manager for Energy & Natural Resources for Europe, Middle East and Africa at
SAP where he spent 21 years.
  • How main technology trends such as artificial intelligence will further
    affect the power utility sector now and in the future
  • New business models ‘built on digital’ and developing the capability to
    leverage opportunities
  • Case for Utilities, Startups and Competitors from other sectors
Artificial Intelligence and New Business Models - The Digital Future of the  
Power Sector
Speaker: Pavla Mandatova, Senior Smart Energy Manager, TRACTEBEL - ENGIE
European Power Strategy & Systems Summit
& Power Project Financing and New Technologies Forum
27 - 29 November 2019 | Prague | Czech Republic
27th November
New Power
Technologies &
Financing Forum
+ Extended DERMS
28th November
Main Conference
Agenda | Day 1
Speaker: Stijn Carton, Project Manager, Energy Systems Programme,
European Climate Foundation
Speaker: Matthew Williams, Co-Founder & CTO, Faraday Grid

Matthew is the author of Faraday Grid’s technology patents. In fulfilling Faraday’s
ambition to unlock sustainable prosperity through electricity, he provides a
conduit of understanding between complex interdependent dynamic systems
and the world; managing strategic direction and technology development.
Previously, Matthew led a systems engineering company and was responsible
for technical, client, and project management of multi-million dollar projects in
Australia, China, and the US, delivering mission-critical logistics, automation,
business and safety systems across the power and process sectors. Using the
company’s proprietary Design by Rationalised Constraints methodology,
Matthew and Faraday Grid are designing the energy ecosystem of the future. .
Streamlining Integration of Renewable Energy Through Unique Exchanger
Jarosław Zdrzałek is a Value Chain Development Manager, Low Voltage at
Borealis where he engages and collaborates with diverse segments of the
Energy Value Chain (DSOs, Cable Makers, Electrical Designers, Installers and
Standardization Bodies). He strives to support VC partners in achieving their
goals putting main emphasis on innovation and sustainability. Jarosław is
having more than 20 year experience in Energy Sector.
XLPE/ PE Low Voltage Cable Solutions Making Distribution Networks More
Cost-Effective and Sustainable
Speaker:  Peter Matt, Head of Engineering Services,
Vorarlberger Illwerke AG
Speaker: Jarosław Zdrzałek, Value Chain Development Manage, Borealis
Previously, Jarosław worked as a Business Development
Manager responsible for cable accessories for Ensto and as a Key
Account Supervisor for Electro Department in 3M.
Dr.  Schauer is based at the Innovation, Research and Development of
Verbund (Holding) and coordinates R&D activities. He graduated
“electrical engineer” (1981, Technical University of Vienna) and he
developed power electronics and converted EV for achieving PhD (1988,
University of Mining, Leoben). At Verbund he is involved in R&D-projects in
the fields of new renewable energiesand is Senior Technology Manager in
the Competence Centre (hydro power, PV, wind, biomass) and electric
vehicles. His task is the general management of research activities at
  • What could blockchain technology do for peer-to-peer trading models that
    can serve energy markets in local power generation, storage and
    demand response.
  • What are the regulatory implications and settlement processes based on
    the blockchain
Speaker:Jo Jo Hubbard , COO & Co-Founder, Electron
Jo-Jo is the CEO and Co-founder of Electron, a London-based
energy tech company bringing together distributed ledger
technology (blockchain) and deep energy industry expertise to
create the digital backbone for the modern energy marketplace.
Can P2P Trading Be the Next Non-Platform for Energy Trading?
"Excellent overview of the
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Speaker: Diana Moneta, Head, Active Networks: Demand and Distribution
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