Agenda: Wednesday 28th November | Sessions begin at 13:50
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28th November
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DERMS Workshop
Wednesday 27th November  | Pre-Conference Forums  | 13:00 - 17:30
Summit Session Timings Overview | 28th - 30th November
Friday 29th Nov. | Main Conference (EPD/ EPG) Day 2 | 08:50 - 16:00
Thursday 28th Nov. | Main Conference (EPD/ EPG) Day 1  |  08:50 - 18:30
How to Deploy Smart Grid Applications to Combat Power Outages and
Cut Network Losses

Equipment failure, degradation and small-scale outages cost utilities money - an estimated $150bn
every year in the US alone, according to research by the US Department of Energy. So how could a
suite of smart grid applications help improve grid reliability? Efficient and timely service-problem
identification gives a distribution system operator (DSO) the ability to predict and pre-empt outages
and poor service eliminating the need for the customer to call and report an outage. Proactive
maintenance, triggered by improved visibility of the network operation and performance, can lead to
avoidance of outages due to failed equipment. By installing intelligent, local applications, utilities
can also benefit from real-time, autonomous decision-making, where data can be shared across a
variety of devices and platforms in a smart grid.

Exemplifying the benefits of smart grid applications in a use-case scenario, this session will
demonstrate the potential advantages of using distributed intelligence and smart grid applications
1) Proactively understand where there is network under stress to prevent outages

2) Use analytics to identify the consumer base and potential impacts and implement a prioritisation
mechanism for repairs.

3) Recognise more effectively when outages do happen, identifying problems more quickly and
impacting less consumers.

Featuring specialists from OSGP Alliance as well as OSGP Alliance utility members will share their
knowledge and experiences on how:

  • Distributed control nodes identify and isolate issues, enabling rapid response.
  • Automated problem identification can be incorporated into the smart grid to reduce
    manpower and operational expenditure.
  • Distributed intelligence can work across different platforms and devices to save
    implementation costs.
Cleaner, Smarter, Cheaper: Responding to Opportunities in a
Changing Energy System in Europe
  • Why Europe can aim for much more RES by 2030 at similar costs
  • Why gas plays a much smaller role in balancing the grid than currently
    perceived, even as Europe retires coal, due to smart electrification and
    demand side flexibility.
  • How the power sector can reduce emissions much faster and deeper
    that the current 2DG pathway.
  • Why the EU is looking at deeper cuts by 2030 targets in lights of
    WB2DG under the Paris Agreement.

Speaker: Stijn Carton, Energy Systems Programme, European Climate
Speaker: Mark Ossel, Member of the Board
OSGP Alliance
Pre-Conference Power Project Financing Forum | Sessions begin at 13:50
Power Project Finance Structuring for Energy Utilities & Investors
  • Project financing structures for facilitating differing finance strategies
  • Key considerations for investors and utilities
  • Recent trends in power & renewables in the EMEA region
Speaker: Andrew Doyle, Manager, Power & Renewables, Structured
Finance Office for EMEA,
Embracing the Low-Carbon Energy Future for South East Europe -
Perspective of an Investor in the Bulgarian Power Market
Speaker: Olivier Marquette, President, AES Bulgaria and Head of Business
Development Eurasia,

As of June 2017, Olivier Marquette assumed the position of Head of Business
Development Eurasia & AES Bulgaria President. Together with his new
engagements, he continues to serve as President of AES and Bulgaria.
Prior to joining AES Bulgaria in 2015, he was a VP Business Development in
AES Dominican Republic. Previously Olivier worked at EDF)  for 9 years.
15:30 - 16:00 Networking Coffee | New technology Forum starts at 16:00 - 18:00
European Power Strategy & Systems Summit
& Power Project Financing and New Technologies Forum
27 - 29 November 2019 | Prague | Czech Republic
29th November
Main Conference
Agenda | Day 2
  • Future of financing for power: syndicate profiles and requirements
  • Falling cost of solar & renewables vs Low of hydrocarbon prices: Impact on renewable vs
    conventional power investments
  • Renewables & auction processes for subsidies Vs  feed-in tariffs or contract for differences
    at fixed levels
  • Effect on power projects given the record number of sovereign down-grades
  • Requirements of the new energy investor: Profile of equity infrastructure funds seeking
Brian Evans-Mongeon, CEO, Utility Services
Ivan Androcec, Section Head of Investment Strategy and New Technology, HEP
Olivier Marquette, President and Head of Business Development Eurasia, AES Bulgaria
Andrew Doyle, Manager, Power & Renewables, Structured Finance Office for EMEA, MUFG Bank
Ruud Kempener , Policy Officer, European Commission, DG Energy
EU Conventional and RES Power & Energy Project Financing: Short to
Medium Term Prospects & Risks / Return Profile
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