EPG Summit Ltd Privacy & Data Protection Policy
Provision of Industry Intelligence & General Data Protection Regulation

In line with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR )25/05/18.

According to the GDPR, Business to Business contacts have the right to permanently and
conveniently unsubscribe from receiving business-related communications and to request the
removal of their business contact information from a given system. Whilst the new regulation is
mainly aimed at companies holding large amounts of B2C personal and sensitive information
please note that as a B2B conference organiser we only operate in Business to Business
communications to occasionally educate organisations and their representatives on market
developments through conferences and presentations relevant to their industry sector/s.

In cases where our contacts are approached either electronically or via email we only hold email
addresses (and in some cases: company telephone contact number, name and company
position/title) in order to provide organizational representatives with information most relevant to
gaining industry market intelligence that is likely to be, useful and of genuine and legitimate
interest to your role within your organization and/or to your department’s primary functions.

In this way, please note the following:

  • We never provide any personal data to third parties
  • We provide the ability for you to manage or delete your information by either unsubscribing
    through a link at the base of all our emails or sending an rectification email request to
    change your details (such as to another preferred email address, change of job-
    title/function etc).

Contacts may unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by just clicking the unsubscribe link at
the bottom of all of our emails.

We remain at your disposal, to discuss any of your concerns regarding the information that we

Constantine Ioannides

Data Management Director
Executive Peer Group | EPG Summit
Email: DataManagement@EPGSummit.com | Telephone: +357 99810833
Privacy & Data Protection: Access the EPG Summit contact and subscriber detail
utilisation policy and according to EU Business to Business codes of conduct.