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"Thank you for the invitation,
the quality of the speakers
has, once again been

Luis Ferreira
Head of Electric Mobility & Efficiency
Technology & Innovation

"An excellent summit. Very
good speakers that have
completely satisfied exactly
what I needed to hear about.

George Papaioannou
Director of Research, Technology &
Greek Independent Power
Transmission Operator
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Advisory Board Members Include Representatives from
Power Europe 2021 Webinars, Online Digital Resource Library & 13th Annual Summits & Forums
European Power Strategy & Systems Development
& Power Project Financing and New Technologies Forum
27th - 29th October 2021 | Amsterdam | Netherlands
Power Europe TV Latest Exclusive Interviews
Power Europe TV | In-Depth Perspectives

Due to  social distancing measures and international  travel
restrictions that prevented our annual face-to-face advisory board
meeting (in order to set the keynote agenda for the annual Power
Europe Summits), our team began to conduct video meetings to
research with our members. This gave rise to the evolution of 'Power
Europe TV' to offer the Power Europe Intelligence Community the
opportunity to benefit from the opinions and insights of global peers,
utility representatives and service providers on the challenges facing
different aspects of the power sector value chain during these
challenging and turbulent times.  
Power Europe 2021 is composed of the following power distribution and generation co-located
events representing the up and down-stream value chain of the European Electricity Sector
European Power Distribution Systems Summit
& The Power Project Financing & New Power Technologies Forums
Wednesday the 27th - Friday the 29th of October 2021
European Power Generation Strategy Summit
& The Power Project Financing & New Power Technologies Forums
Wednesday the 27th - Friday the 29th of October 2021
Consisting of contributors from leading DSO/DNO, TSO and Power Generator Utility leaders, specialists, technology providers and
industry experts, Power Europe 2021 members also enjoy access to a digital library portal of over 30 hours of utility-led technical video
presentations, 10 themed webinars, 70 archived and down-loadable Power point presentations (in addition to attendance to the annual
Power Europe (and co-located EPD & EPG Summits) 3-day annual event.
EPD welcomes European and global DSO and TSO operators, retail market
enblers and experts to discuss the development of the next generation of smart
distribution and retail systems show-casing key projects being planned and
implemented. Taking a holistic view of how electricity distribution and delivery is
evolving alongside developments regarding the prosumer market, storage and
e-mobility initiatives the event focuses on optimising power systems to balance
conventional supply with rising levels of renewable and residential generation to
unlock increasing levels of efficiency in current and future power systems.
EPG welcomes European and global power generators and operators to examine
the rapidly changing electricity market and the new role that large-scale
generators must assume given ever increasing levels of distributed power
generation. With increasing residential generation and carbon emission
restrictions forcing generators to drastically rethink their business models and
strategy generators are still being relied upon to provide capacity to make up for
the intermittent  nature of renewable sources of power. Examining the market,
regulatory, fuel supply, technological and financial risks posed to power
generators EPG provides a crucial strategic  guide for portfolio future-planning for
the power generation sector
Serving a European & Global Audience of Power Utility Executives with Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Exchange