Power Project Financing & Investent Forum
In order to provide critical perspectives on these points, the
Power-Europe Project Financing Pre-Summit has been
designed to bring together the industry’s most active,
seasoned and forward-looking developers, portfolio
companies, equity investors, investment bankers, lenders
and regulatory experts. Together, they will share their
perspectives on the European energy financing and M&A

Attendees will benefit by gaining critical intelligence while
networking and make contacts with industry peers who wish
to do business. The Summit will serve as the market nerve-
centre for European energy dealmakers
Power-Europe invites conventional and renewable energy asset buyers, sellers and developers
together with equity investors, investment bankers, lenders and regulatory experts to network and
share vital intelligence in how to get projects financed and completed.

Main themes will include:

  • Navigating Through Transactions and Overcoming the Challenge of Proto-type Power
    Projects Given the Prevailing Economic Climate

  • The Dynamics Governing the Current Market for Energy Financing and M&A

  • Engaging Strategic Players by Knowing What They Look For in Terms of Their Acquisition

  • Updates on How Regulatory Changes Will Affect The Sector

  • The Investment Banking and Private Equity Communities' Perspectives on the Deal Market

  • How Conventional and Renewable Energy Project Developers View the Market over the
    Coming Year

  • The Type of Deals That Equity Investors are Currently Seeking

  • The Type of Terms That Financiers are Offering

  • Understanding the Full Implications of the Financial Downturn on the Lending Landscape for
    Power Project Financing

  • The Agenda of the Next Generation of Energy Infrastructure and Equity Investors in Today’s
    Financial Climate

  • Project Financing Considerations for the New Generation of Nuclear Power Plants in Europe

  • Financing Renewable Energy in the Current Credit Environment

  • M&A Case Studies

As efforts to drive forward toward revitalising Europe’s conventional and renewable energy
production, market operators are constantly reviewing their asset portfolios. As such, buyers and
sellers look to make deals for individual projects or entire companies. The deal market for energy
assets is undoubtedly changing in size and scope and although players are prepared to deal, the
path to selecting the correct deal and actually closing it is as challenging as ever. European energy
policy, while very promising, is still evolving, and credit markets remain tight and uncertain. Only the
well informed will be able to judge asset values and develop optimal portfolio strategies going

“Excellent insights into the future financing of Europe's power industry”
                                                                             Chief Economist, RWE
European Power Project Financing & Investment Forum
Part of the European Power Strategy & Systems
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